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Important Update On Scouting At St. Francis

Dear Scout Families,

By now you have probably heard about the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the reasons behind the decision. I would like to take a moment to provide you with some additional information. As you most certainly have questions as to how this will impact the two units (Pack 1385 and Troop 138) at St. Francis. I want you to know the following:

• The scouting programs for both the Cub Scout Pack and the Boy Scout Troop at St. Francis of Assisi     Parish will continue.

• All District and Council meetings, activities, events, and service projects will take place as usual

• The bankruptcy (Chapter 11 reorganization) does NOT affect our Pack or Troop

• The bankruptcy is at a National level in order to restructure and create a Trust to handle litigation,    compensation, counseling, etc. for allegations that took place more than 30 years ago. It is NOT the    result of a rash of present-day abuse.

• Our Local Council, known as the National Capital Area Council (NCAC) is legally separate, distinct,    and financially independent from the National Organization.

• Our Local Council (NCAC) has NOT filed for bankruptcy protection and we are not a part of the       National restructuring that National will be going through.

• Scouting is safer than ever before. BSA has been on the forefront of advocacy of youth protection     policies for its members and leaders more stringently than nearly any other youth organization in the    country.

• Here at St. Francis, there is an additional level of protection required of all volunteers – above and     beyond those required by BSA – who have substantial contact with youth. All volunteers must be       Compliant. There are three components to being Compliant:
o VIRTUS – A four hour or less live training session on child sexual abuse
o Background Check – This is an extensive bilateral (both federal and state) background check.
o Cleared – Meaning one must be cleared of the background check before having substantial     contact with youth here at St. Francis.

Background Check renewals are also conducted on a regular basis. There is also continuous video  surveillance on the church and school campus.

It is my job as Compliance Office for the Parish and the Charter Organization Representative for our  BSA Scouting programs to see to it that these policies (for any type of abuse – NOT just child sexual  abuse) are enforced.

Scouting has been a very positive program for our youth within St. Francis mission of developing Christian values among our youth in their mission of spreading God’s love and service to our fellow man and we pray for it to continue to grow here. Despite the news, the reputation and future growth of the Scouting program at St. Francis depends more on word of mouth from you, its members, than from the media. In addition to know that your children are protected in the BSA Scouting program, I wanted to inform you through this letter and give you greater confidence in being able to justify your decision to continue to participate in the program as well as advocate other members of the parish to participate in the program despite the media distortions.


Chanel Marquis
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
Compliance Officer (Child/Adult Protection)
Chartered Organization Representative, Cub Scout Pack 1385 & Boy Scout Troop 138


Welcome to Pack 1385's new Scoutlander Website - for improved communication and improved Cub Scouting!

Pack 1385's School year program has begun and we have another awesome 2015-2016 school year planned!  

Our "Fall Join Scouting Night" Pack meeting that kicked off on the 23rd of September, and we had an awesome Halloween themed family campout at Camp Snyder in Haymarket on the 24-25th of October weekend.  Check out the attached flyer for details about our Pack, and try to join us at our  next Pack event, OR don't wait!  Contact us right away and get connected with a Den in your age group, who meet in between Pack meetings .  If you have an interest in joining Pack 1385 please contact us at the above "Contact Our Pack" link and also check out the "Join Cub Scouting" link for additional information on the joining process.

Calendar of events:

23rd: Join Scouting Night Pack Meeting

24-25th:  Fall Family Campout at Camp William B. Snyder, Haymarket, VA

7th: Scouting for Food - Distribute flyers
14th: Scouting for Food - Food Collection
17th: Pack Meeting - Marble Tournament

15th: Pack Meeting (Santa visits)

9th: Pinewood Derby (wooden car) Construction Workshop #1 at Josza's Woodworks
16th: Pinewood Derby (wooden car) Construction Workshop #2(tentative date) 
23rd: Pinewood Derby Race

7th: Scout Sunday Service at St. Francis of Assisi church
27th: Blue and Gold Banquet

12th: Webelos Crossing Over ceremony - the Cobra Den become Boy Scouts!
15th: Pack Meeting

30th: Cubmobile race

24th:  Pack Meeting/Spring Join Scouting Night (kindergarten students about to graduate into 1st grade can join)!

4-5th:  Pack Graduation/Spring Family Campout @ Burke Lake Park, Fairfax County

Last updated 31 October 2015

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Catholic Church on Homosexual Scout Leaders

In July of 2015, National BSA headquarters and related BSA governing bodies have resolved to allow Homosexual Leaders in the Boy Scout program.  The ruling, however, allows and supports religious organizations that charter Scout units to establish their own membership policies with regard to this issue so as not to violate their religious beliefs.  ALL Catholic sponsored Scout units in the Diocese of Arlington - as directed by the Bishop - must have their direct contact leaders (leaders who are in direct contact with youth) agree in writing that they will comply with Catholic Canon Law with respect to homosexuality and the Scout program.  As a general rule, all matters of sexuality - of any variety - are considered by Pack 1385 to be personal and sacramental family matters which are not appropriate to be discussed or displayed in the Scouting venue - without exception.  Please see the message below from Father Kevin, pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Church, for further Catholic guidance on this matter as it will be applied within the Parish of St. Francis.    

St. Francis Position on Changes to BSA Membership

From the Pastor's Desk:

On May 23, 2013 the National Council of Boy Scouts of America’s approved a resolution stating that “No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”   In light of this decision by the Boy Scouts to end their ban on openly gay youth from participating in its activities some people in the parish have asked me if this decision by the Scouts will affect our sponsorship of the Girl and Boy Scout Troops we have in the parish.  My answer is absolutely not!! 

To my way of thinking why should this decision affect our support of scouting?  The Catechism of the Catholic Church makes it very clear in paragraph 2358 that “the number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.”  In my opinion we would be discriminating if we did not allow young people who are homosexual to be a Scout and that would be wrong according to our Catholic Catechism.

Bishop Robert Guglielmone of Charleston, the episcopal liaison of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, responding to The Boy Scouts of America’s approved resolution gave this statement: “I kind of expected that this is the way the vote would go.  I’m not particularly encouraged by it, but I knew it would happen eventually. As the policy change is right now promoted, we can live with it. Unfortunately, there are many people who are interpreting this policy to go much further than it actually does, particularly in the secular press.  Church teaching is very clear that the homosexual inclination is not sinful and that same-sex attraction is not immoral.  But that what we’re dealing with here is the distinction between the inclination and the conduct. The standards remain the same as they always have for Scouts. Homosexual activity will not be condoned.”

When I was young (a long time ago) I was a boy scout and it had a positive effect on my life.  It provided me with great values, an appreciation for this great country we live in, and a love for the outdoors and camping.  I would hate to see any young person being denied what scouting has to offer just because of their sexual orientation which they have no control over.  To discriminate is wrong and it will not be tolerated here at St. Francis.

Fr. Kevin Downey
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